Wadena-Deer Creek Superintendent Lee Westrum asked the school board to consider hiring another social worker for District 2155 at Monday's meeting in the Robertson Theatre.

"(Elementary Social Worker) Laura Kiser has been stretched too thin," Westrum told the board.

In addition to working with a regular group of students, Kiser has been pulled out of the elementary a lot over the last school year to handle issues in the junior/senior high school.

"She's fabulous, she just can't be in two place in one time," Westrum said.

Westrum has been in contact with Lori Murdock, the special education director at Freshwater Education and found that organization is in need of a halftime social worker.

"We could maybe pair up and work together on somebody?" Westrum suggested.

The rub is that at the present time the 2017 budget does not currently provide for another position.

After some input from board members, the decision to join Freshwater in advertising for another part-time social worker took flight.

The board held another review of the proposed district budget for 2017. At the present time revenues are expected to be $13,510,140 with expenses of $13,475,759 - putting the district in the black by $34,351.

The final budget will presented at the board's June 6 meeting in Bluffton.

The board approved the lease of 780 iPads at a cost of $103,000 per year over a three-year period. WDC students in grades 5-12 presently use the iPads.

Westrum also outlined a plan to sell 800 used iPads and 100 used laptops which the district has owned for the past four years. Students and school personnel will be given the first opportunity to purchase the units at substantially reduced prices.

The board also gave the okay to raise meal prices by a dime, a decision that will keep the district in compliance with rules set down by the Federal Hot Lunch program.

A bus storage lease agreement with the Wadena County Ag Society was approved at $10,000 per year.

The district will be extending milk and bread contracts with Land O' Lakes and Pan O' Gold for one year.

A resolution for membership in the Minnesota State High School League was approved.

The board accepted the resignations of James Brewer (part-time math), Ed Lewis (part-time greenhouse) and Crystal Olson (Kid's Club paraprofessional).