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Daring deer pays visit to Otter Tail County woman's home

Sharon Sly-Durante took a photo of the deer that came inside her house near Henning.

An Otter Tail County homeowner has quite the home invasion story to tell her grandkids. Thanks to her iPad, she has the proof.

It wasn't a burglar that made its way through her house.

It was a deer. Now, the four-legged doe has become a nosy neighbor who shows up out of nowhere.

One recent morning, Sharon Sly-Durante got up to make morning tea.

"And I could feel someone was watching me and I looked out and the deer was looking right at me in the window, and I talked to it like it was a baby," Sly-Durante said.

Suddenly, the young doe made her way into the house.

"I have a deer in my house," she said.

It was making herself right at home.

"It did not freak out. It was curious about everything," Sly-Durante said.

From the kitchen, to the dining room to the living room it went, smelling, tasting.

"There is a deer in my house. What am I doing? There is a deer in my house," Sly-Durante said.

It was a curious little thing, she added.

"She went up to the grandfather clock and put her nose on the glass and watched the pendulum go back and forth," Sly-Durante said.

Sly-Durante lives outside Henning. A quaint, quiet place in the woods. Perfect for her and her new friend.

"It was the most exciting thing," she said. "I said, 'Thank you Lord. You gave me a wonderful week to think about a deer coming in my house.' So exciting."

Sharon has become a bit of a deer whisperer. Her four-legged friend comes out of the woods frequently. It even showed up when a contracting crew was on site.

Nobody has been feeding the deer and there are no game farms nearby. The irony of it all is that there is a rifle range just down the road.