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Rare trophy returns to Quincer family

This bowling trophy was found in Rick Johnson's barber shop. It's from 1933.1 / 3
Matthew Quincer receives a family memento from Gail and Rick Johnson as a graduation gift. It is a bowling trophy that was made by his grandfather, Clarence, in 1933. Quincer plans to take over the family theatre after college.2 / 3
The trophy features a Cozy bowler in 1933.3 / 3

Rick and Gail Johnson have kept an unusual trophy in their garage for many years, waiting for the right time to return it to the Quincer family.

Matthew Quincer, who graduates Friday from Wadena-Deer Creek High School, is the recipient of the memento.

An old trophy from the "Cozy" bowling team was left by Helmer Wallevand in the Wadena barber shop that Rick purchased in 1970. Wallevand was part of the Cozy bowling team, which include Clarence Quincer. The team represented the Cozy Theatre, which is still owned by the Quincer family.

"This was a one-of-a-kind trophy," Gail said.

The trophy has a wooden base with a movable metal figurine on top. It features a bowler with "Cozy" written on the back of the figurine's shirt. The bottom of the trophy reads 1933.

Matthew received the family memento from Gail and Rick over the weekend as a graduation gift.

Gail said the exchange represents a fun, small town connection between two families. Gail looked after Matthew in daycare and Rick cut his hair.

Matthew plans to return to Wadena and run the Cozy Theatre with his father, Dave, after college.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
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