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Wadena County Board approves sergeant/investigator position

The Wadena County Board has approved the creation of a sergeant/investigator position in the Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Mike Carr Jr. said Deputy Amy Ament, who had been investigator, will move into the sergeant/investigator position.

"Basically, her role as an investigator doesn't change but the addition to her role as a sergeant means she will supervise deputies," Carr said. "The demands of law enforcement from the public have increased over the years and this will give the public another face in the department."

In addition to supervising deputies, Ament will assign cases, review case reports for approval or rejection, provide guidance both for work performance or work product and review of probationary evaluations for new hires, he said.

"We needed another layer in the department. Everything filtered to our chief deputy and it got pretty overwhelming," Carr said.

The sheriff's department has these layers to make sure everything is getting done and accountability is being met, he said.

"That's why we made this position," he said.

In the event the sheriff and chief deputy are gone Ament will be in charge of operations.

"She would be next in line for answering questions to the public as well as our staff," Carr said. "Investigation-wise she will still be doing the same thing."

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
(218) 631-2561