June 13

• Law enforcement received a call from a woman who said she no longer needed assistance. Asked if her home was broken into she said "no, I just misplaced by checkbook."

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• A complainant reported her landlord had turned off her electricity. The landlord said he informed the tenant it would be off for a short time due to repairs needed on an electric fence.

• A woman told officers someone could be in her house because she thought she heard someone get out of a vehicle. Two deputies checked but found nothing. The woman told the offiers she suffers from anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

June 14

• Four or five teenage males driving a tan Buick through the Cottingham Campground threw a beer can out the window and hit two people.

• A caller informed police she believed someone had come into her home and had stolen the contents of her purse and a camera bag. A similar call had been received the previous day and she had located the items prior to the arrival of a deputy. The caller's son was contacted and he reported she had dumped her purse out a couple days before and he had been trying to help her find what was missing. He reported his mother had a medical condition which causes her to forget things.

• A woman saw five vehicles parked together near her home before driving away and thought it was suspicious. She was advised to call back if they showed up again.

June 15 • Rising river water covered half the parking lot at Orv's Landing.

• A female driver was stopped for speeding. She told the deputy she had not had any violations on her driving record in the previous two years. A check showed three moving violations and a speeding violation over a three year period. She was issued a citation for speeding and advised of the consequences of having a number of citations within a certain period of time.

June 16 • An extremely intoxicated white female and a black male were reported on the street at Eighth Street and King Avenue in southwest Wadena. Assistance was needed in putting the uncooperative male in the tank.

• A 74-year-old female reportedly left Tri-County Health Care around 5 p.m. but had not returned to her rural Wadena home 1 1/2 hours later.

June 17 • Kids spear fishing in very shallow water from a row boat on the Leaf River were believed to be at risk because they were not wearing life jackets. They were advised to get life jackets.

June 18 • A dock with a pontoon tied to it was reportedly floating in the middle of Blueberry Lake.

• A Wadena man interrupted two individuals attempting to steal a tire off his personal vehicle. The two suspects headed north on Second Street in a green Chevy Blazer.

• A caller informed the sheriff's office that there had been no activity at a rural residence for quite some time and that the garage door was open. There was no one at the residence and no listed phone number.

• Law enforcement was contacted by a woman who said a man driving a white Chevy Caprice had left the residence angry and that she was concerned about his welfare.

• A trucker contracted police and asked for their help in contacting his wife. The man had spoken with his wife the previous evening but she had not reported to her workplace in Wadena.

• A man found a business card on his door from an individual identifying himself as a representative of the Census Bureau. There was a phone number on the card to contact. The complainant wanted to know if the card was legitimate.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.