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How to cook a turkey- 2017 Kindergarten Edition

Cook the turkey in the oven for 15 minutes. Put seasoning all over. Eat! -Aaron Lepinski

Ask a mom for some help. Cook the turkey in the oven for 5. Take it out and decorate it with glitter. Put it outside on the steps. Have the turkey for decoration. -Amara Geiger

Put the turkey in the oven. Put stuff on it like pepper. Cook it for 10 minutes. -Braxton Moore

You cook the turkey in the oven. You can put like little sprinkles of salt on it. You could decorate something around it like food kind of leaves. You can put tomatoes around it too. We could maybe make it look special or different. Cook it for 15 hours. The great thing about Thanksgiving is you get to sit around the table with grandma and grandpa and mommy and daddy and uncles and aunties. You could decorate the table with leaves. -Claire Mumm

I would put the turkey in the microwave and push start. It would cook for probably 7 hours. I would put the turkey on a plate and I would put stuff around it like corn, tomatoes, vegetables and that is it. -Cody Seelhammer

Cook the turkey in the oven for 1 hour. Take it out and put it on the table. Put salt and pepper on it. Eat it! -Dominic Ray

You should cut the turkey in half and then get the bones out. Cook it in the kitchen for 5 minutes. Then cut it in pieces and then eat it! If there is some that is saved, you can eat turkey later. -Elena Lease

Get a turkey at the store and then cook it 5 minutes. Eat it. -Ellie Hovius

Put the turkey in the oven and then put some gravy on it. Cook it for 12 minutes. I put gravy on my turkey. -Geovanni Melchor

Put the turkey in the oven. Then I would take it out and put toppings on it like a little bit of those sweet leaves and stuff. I would wait for it to cool down. Then we cut it apart and eat it together! -Jayda Anderson

I would shoot a turkey with my pistol and my dad. I would cook it in the stove probably at 10 degrees. Cook it for about 20 minutes. Put pepper on the turkey. You know the leg bones, I would probably pull that off and eat it. -Jereth Judd

You cook a turkey in the oven. If the oven breaks you have to go to a different house and see if that oven works. Then you eat the turkey! Yum yum! You always get dessert when you finish your turkey like cake or apple pie or berry pie.

-Juliet Touchette

Cook it actually in the oven for probably 8 minutes. We take it out and eat it and we need a plate too. -Kayota Reeves

Cook the turkey for 10 and eat it. I don't eat it though. I think my mom puts salt and pepper on it. -Kendahl Hastings

You could get a turkey from a farm and then you would cook it in your stove for 10 minutes. Then we would take the turkey out of the stove. We would give it to Kylie, Cooper, mom and dad. I could make a sparkly turkey for my mommy. -Kylie Damlo

Kill the turkey and put it in the oven. Cook it for 2 minutes. Put salt on it. Eat it! -Leo Licari

Get a turkey at a store. Cook it in our kitchen for 5 minutes. Eat it! -Teagan Bernstetter