A benefit is being hosted for Charles Carlson from 4 - 7 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 24 at the Wadena VFW.

The benefit will be comprised of a spaghetti dinner and silent auction. All proceeds will go toward supporting Charles and his family. Baby Charles was born with severe heart complications and has been in and out of the hospital since his birth.

Charles was born on May 7, 2019. The first few months of his life have been fraught with surgeries, doctor visits, and medical complications. Two days after being born, he was airlifted to Fargo after doctors noticed some rather concerning symptoms. Carlson was having trouble breathing and was displaying an odd discoloration. After a closer examination, it was discovered that he had lost blood flow to the lower part of his body. Baby Charles had a hole in his heart and an interruption of the aortic arch. It was also discovered that he suffered from DiGeorge syndrome, a condition often coupled with congenital heart problems.

A lack of blood flow seriously affected his organs, exacerbating his health problems. Additionally, the medical staff noticed he had a dilated kidney duct. Carlson would eventually go through heart surgery. Complications from that surgery required more intervention where they stumbled upon more concerning issues. His aortic valve is bicuspid instead of tricuspid. Another open heart surgery is planned for Sept. 9

“The support from our community is so amazing,” said Katarina Carlson. Carlson has been with her son every step of the way. Recently, baby Charles starting having breathing trouble, which prompted yet another stay in the hospital.

Benefit organizer, Stephanie Hovius was quick to take on the responsibility of helping the family. She is a family friend and praised them for always doing so much to help others. This is her first time organizing a benefit and explained that its tough to coordinate such an event while also trying to advertise and provide an avenue for donations. The benefit will have a silent auction that will include tools, gift cards, snowmobile gear, and photo sessions.

The benefit, at the Wadena VFW, can be found at 213 1st St SE in Wadena. Organizers want to remind anyone interested in donating that checks must be made out to “Charles Carlson benefit” for them to be deposited into the benefit account.