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Clergy view: True change happens within

I'm on vacation, and I don't do cartoons like Billy in the comic section Family Circus of the Dispatch.

However, I'll share a brief true story that happened to a pastor friend years ago.

His son was being very disruptive in his behavior. The boy was running in and out of the house and making lots of noise (not using his inside voice). The first time he came into the house he was asked to keep his voice at a lower volume and be more respectful not to interrupt what others were doing.

The boy came into the house a second time with repeat, unaltered behavior. He was reminded of the request made to him earlier and told that any further such behavior would result in a consequence.

Wouldn't you know that not long after the warning, the lad came into the house and was very disruptive again. His father matter-of-factly reminded him of the warning and gave out the promised consequence which was having to sit quietly by himself in the living room. Upon receiving his consequence he announced, "I'll be sitting quiet on the outside, but running and shouting on the inside."

Moral of the story: True change comes from the inside out. Go figure.