TO: Lawrence J. Riley, Jr. PLEASE TAKE N

TO: Lawrence J. Riley, Jr. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE McBrady Restoration, LLC dba Restoration 1 of Northern Minnesota has a filed motion to reduce the redemption period and scheduled a hearing on November 23, 2022, in Wadena County, State of Minnesota, before the Honorable Doug Clark, and the Court has issued an order to show cause under Minn. Stat. § 582.032. NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby Ordered as follows: All parties having an interest in the reduction of the redemption period shall appear on November 23, 2022, at 9:45 a.m. if they have cause to not have the redemption period reduced pursuant to Minn. Stat. §582.032. Over 6 months have passed since the property has been abandoned. The personal property on the premises will be disposed of on November 24th, 2022 unless McBrady Restoration is contacted. (Nov. 10, 17 & 24, 2022) 119757