COMPTON TOWNSHIP OTTER TAIL COUNTY STATE OF MINNESOTA Public Notice Adoption of Ordinance 2023-001 Ordinance Establishing Fee Schedule On the 10th day of __January 2023__ the Compton Township Board of Supervisors adopted the above Ordinance. Due to the lengthy content of the revisions, a brief summary follows: Section 1: Purpose – Purpose of the Ordinance. Section 2: Fee Schedule – clarifies the fees for the delivery of services and processing of various permits. Section 3: Repealer – repeals any ordinance inconsistent with its terms. This Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force immediately following its adoption and upon publication. A copy of the full Ordinance can be viewed by contacting Maryann Line, Town Clerk at (320) 639-2055. An additional copy of the Ordinance will also be on file at the local public library and the County Law Library. /s/ Larry Richter, Chairman ATTEST: /s/ Maryann Line, Clerk 2/9