Crews with Froggy Signs of Little Falls were in Wadena Thursday, Oct. 14, in order to remove the old First National Bank sign at the old bank building. The work is part of the remodel of the building as it is soon to become the new Wadena Library.

According to construction manager Mark McClintock with Contegrity Group, work is going smoothly as they have gutted the building and removed almost all the asbestos. Just a small amount remains near the foundation, which will be removed once they can reach it.

Passersby may notice a large hole dug in the rear of the building. This is to set a new foundation for the elevator and entry that will be installed next. They began the rough-in of plumbing.

Crews did encounter some water as they dug deep under the foundation and dewatering efforts will begin before a new foundation at the elevator site goes into place.

"It's one of those things, nobody knows until you get in there," McClintock said.

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Other exterior work will continue as long as weather allows, according to McClintock. He hopes to get new sidewalks poured before freeze up.