Brittney Ewert, owner of Glamour Full Service Salon, officially completed the move into her downtown location with an opening day of Feb. 10.

“It just feels good to not have to work on this location and be working, making money, at my other location. I can officially just have it all wrapped up and I’ve fully moved and we’re good to go. So, a little weight lifted off my shoulders now,” Ewert said.

The project was completed in about a month with Ewert’s previous location remaining open the entire time. On Feb. 7, the salon services were moved over and items 7 feet high and 10 feet wide filled the middle of the salon with a weekend of hard work ahead.

“The first week I felt very out of my normal realm because I’ve been at my other location for almost 11 years,” Ewert said.

The new salon includes three hair cutting stations, two hair washing spaces and a boutique area as well as two additional rooms for massages. The boutique area is slowly beginning, with the idea of having small trinkets or gifts available from soaps, lotions, candles and bath bombs to local maple syrup, honey, rugs, handmade greeting cards and Glamour apparel, according to Ewert.

The downtown location offers Ewert a storefront and a front and back entrance. The open space on one level is also more inviting to people, according to Ewert. Some of these people are clients who have been with Ewert since she graduated from hair school, and at 60 to 70 years old dreaded going up the steps at her previous location.

“I really wanted to have a storefront and main street had quite a few open ones or ones that could be improved, and I feel like a lot is happening with downtown Wadena so I think downtown’s where it’s at,” Ewert said.

Ewert will have a re-location open house at the end of March or beginning of April.