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Don't miss a Prairie Fire performance of 'Tom Sawyer' tonight/tomorrow

Front (L-R): Danya Spicer, Ruby Petrowski, Eve Parker, Kendra Leeseberg, Juliet Touchette and Talan Goeden. Back (L-R): Bella Connor, Lily Parker, Zoe Schmidt, Ryann Schmidt, Chloe Leeseberg, Amara Neuerburg and Raleigh Parker. Submitted photo1 / 5
Front (L-R): Kaylee Endres, Ashley Pavek, Jessie Van Ourkerk and Megan Hamelau. Back (L-R): Cadie Leeseberg, Noelle Spicer, Shaila Roberts and Elliot Frost. Submitted photo2 / 5
Front (L-R): Kylie Muchow, Michael Schmidt, Alyssa Heltemes, Sara Goetze Back (L-R): Ava White, Danica Pederson, Madison Goeden, Beau Connor. Submitted photo3 / 5
Front (L-R): Cooper Damlo. Middle (L-R): Violet Petrowski, Annika Spicer, Tobie Bervig, Kylie Damlo, Braxton Connor, Mia Peterson. Back (L-R): Zoe Kiser, Willow Sugg, Kiyanne Maxwell, Noah Drange, Bethany Collins and Elisa Mae Runge. Submitted photo4 / 5
Front (L-R): Hallie Bervig and Jillian Hagen. Back (L-R): Carson Kawlewski and Stella Hagen. Submitted photo5 / 5

Prairie Fire Children's Theatre will perform the classic tale, "Tom Sawyer" this evening, July 12, at 7 p.m. and Saturday morning, July 13, at 11 a.m. at Wadena-Deer Creek Middle/High School Gymnasium.

Forty-six youth, ages 7 to 18, are involved in the play. Children are from Wadena-Deer Creek Schools, as well as surrounding school districts. They've been rehearsing since Monday for their performances this evening and Saturday morning.

Cost of admission is free; however, Wadena's Prairie Fire chapter is taking free will donations.

Come and see these young thespians perform "Tom Sawyer" with a fun twist on this timeless tale. Your toes will be tapping to such original musical numbers as "Who put The Lizard In the Split Pea Soup?" and "Walkin' In The Boneyard."