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Good Morning Bedlam performs in concert at NYM Cultural Center

On Thursday, Feb. 22, the Minneapolis-based, genre-defying folk quartet, Good Morning Bedlam (GMB), stops in New York Mills to perform at the Cultural Center.

GMB is comprised of Isaak Gill Elker on guitar, Victoria Elker on upright bass, Sophia Mae on violin and Noah Pearson on banjo. Each member also sings.

"We want to surprise our audience from song to song. Rather than creating our music to fit a genre, we allow it to be an outpouring of our own stories and unique sound," says Isaak, the frontman.

Light refreshments are served and a cash bar is available. For this concert, the center has a club-like atmosphere with standing tables for guests and seats around the mezzanine.

Tickets, which are $15 at the door, $12 in advance, (with a $2 member discount), or $5 for students, can be purchased online on the Center's Facebook page or Eventbrite. The concert starts at 7:30 p.m.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please call the Cultural Center at (218) 385-3339 or visit the Center's website at