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Kathleen Novak to visit Wadena for Book Ends

Kathleen Novak will be the guest speaker at the Book Ends event April 14. Courtesy photo.

Book Ends, monthly meet-the-author event in Wadena, welcomes Minnesota novelist Kathleen Novak on April 14. Novak is a native Minnesotan from Iron Range country and set her novel Rare Birds in a town reminiscent of Hibbing. The setting in her second novel Do Not Find Me alternates between a cabin in northern Minnesota and New York City. Novak writes with one foot planted firmly on both locales.

Rare Birds will appeal to both young and adult readers. Readers will meet many neighbors, young and old, in this fictional town where a dozen characters and their stories interweave across ten days of June 1960.

Do Not Find Me tells the story of a Minnesota son of immigrants who migrates to New York City and, of course, is smitten by the first attractive woman he sees. The story is their story of unrequited love, as told by the immigrant son and his daughter who finds the mysterious note "Do not find me" as she cleans his cabin after his death. The author takes great risks with the story but makes it work.

Book Ends meets on second Saturdays of each month at The Uptown in Wadena at 11 a.m. One hour of conversation and short readings is followed by Q&A and lunch. There is no charge for the event. Lunch is on the attendees.

For questions or comments, please contact Jerry Mevissen, (218) 472-3400.