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NYM artist to have sculptures on display at U of M Morris campus

New York Mills' Tim Cassidy will have his outdoor sculptures on display at the University of Morris campus starting Aug. 7.

New York Mills sculptor Tim Cassidy has been selected to have his sculptures displayed at the University of Minnesota, Morris.

Farmachinery, an outdoor sculpture installation, will be on display Friday, Aug. 7 through Friday, Nov. 6, from sunset to sundown, on the north lawn of the Humanities Fine Arts building.

Cassidy gains inspiration from recovered steel, which he enjoys dismantling and repurposing into abstract sculptures. His Farmachinery sculptures explore the connections between extinct agri-machinery and extinct creatures.

Cassidy is a visual artist who creates outdoor public sculptures influenced by steel's industrial and historical usage.

He invokes a sense of wonder through his work by creating conversations about how steel is part of our collective history.

Cassidy was born in Saint Paul in 1967 and currently resides on a 43-acre farm near New York Mills. As a child and throughout his school years, he favored art as a subject in school. During his undergraduate career at the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul in 1993, he discovered sculpting materials as his calling.

In 1997 he won first-place for sculpture at the Minnesota State Fair. He continues to show his work locally and nationally.