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Wadena artist selected for public television art project

Wadena artist Brad Wegscheid has been commissioned to create an original piece of art for Lakeland Public Television’s lobby.

Lakeland Public Television art selection task force has awarded a commissioned art project to Wadena artist Brad Wegscheid.

As part of Lakeland Public Television's new building project, funds were committed for a local area artist to create an original piece of art for the building lobby. An Art Selection Task Force was formed and an RFP was written and distributed to artists throughout Lakeland's service area in the fall of 2014. The selection process has just recently concluded and Wegscheid was selected based on his design of a clay tile mural reflecting the cattails and fishing pond just to the east of Lakeland Public Television's new facility.

The public will be able to view the completed artwork at our public open house scheduled for June 1, 2015. In addition, Wegscheid will be featured in an upcoming episode of Common Ground that will focus on his creation of this project for Lakeland Public Television.

Wegscheid has been making art most of his life. He graduated high school from The Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley. After high school, Brad went on to receive a bachelor of fine arts in graphic communication from Northern Michigan University. During the next decade Wegscheid worked in commercial art throughout the Midwest, working mostly with traditional commercial printed work. This print work included everything from newsprint, magazines, billboards, and cardboard displays.

Wegscheid is currently residing in Wadena and focusing on fine art with work in illustration, wood and ceramic tile and sculpture. His work has been featured on Lakeland Public Television's Common Ground production in March 2012.

To view more of Wegscheid's work or to watch the Lakeland cattail mural as it evolves, visit and like his Facebook art page