A Poetry Walk is scheduled from Sept. 15-30 at Green Island on the north side of Wadena. Twelve short prose poems by Norwegian writer Dag Straumsvaag will be posted along a quarter-mile trail through pines. Visitors are welcome to come, stroll, read and ponder during daylight hours.

Prose poems may be new and even puzzling to most. They look like neither poetry nor prose and they definitely don't rhyme. The subjects can be surprising and even odd.

But, Minnesota produced some of the most respected prose poets and Straumsvaag is their friend who translates the work to make it available in Scandinavia.

"Straumsvaag's idiosyncratic short prose poems of just a paragraph each are like off-kilter photographs; like someone taking a picture of some conventional scene and then suddenly jerking the camera aside to snap something a great deal more troubling, absurd, or curious."

-Minnesota Literature