The Cultural Center in New York Mills announces its new gallery show, "Book as Art," which is open now, and seeks old books from the public to join the exhibition which runs through Dec.10.

Accepting old family books, perhaps in Old World languages, or family Bibles, the Center is seeking beautiful books to share with the public. These could include intricately tooled covers, gilt-edged pages, or unique printing or binding. Place a small card inside containing your contact information - do not write in the book itself. These books will be included in an installation built on Dec. 3. No books will be harmed and all will be returned to their owners.

The Book as Art show strives to find the art in everyday life. Since the printing press allowed for faster production of books, they have entered the lives of people the world over. Books have become so commonplace, we ne'er appreciate their aesthetic value. Artists in this exhibit have transformed books into art and art into mechanisms for the written word. They have put the stories of lives on the walls of the gallery.

A Reception for the Book as Art show will be from 4 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3 in the main floor gallery. Beginning with an artist talk and including a holiday ornament bookmaking activity, the reception will include light refreshments, and is free and open to all. Stop by the Center between 4-6 p.m. and continue on to the New York Mills Community Christmas Party at the City Hall Ballroom that evening.

Drop off books at any time prior to Dec. 3, or bring to the reception on that day.

For more information please call the Cultural Center at (218) 385-3339 or visit the center's website at