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Oct. 31 Police Scanner

Oct.  17

A man was came to the Wadena County jail to visit a prisoner was arrested on a warrant out of Wisconsin.

Oct.  18

A Wadena woman informed police when she saw a male and two females cutting on a tree in the blow down area which belonged to her. The male told the woman he had been told by the City of Wadena it was free to cut. The woman requested that law enforcement make sure no more trees on her property were cut.

A welfare check was requested on a woman that allegedly had dead cats under her bed and neglected her children.

Oct.  19

Police help was requested to handle a man who was allegedly intoxicated and waving a gun around.

A large group of ATV operators were allegedly tearing up the area at Bullard Bluff. A deputy investigated but was unable to locate any ATVs but did find tracks on the gravel going into the Bullard Bluff area and throughout the bluff area. The tracks did not appear to be anything more than what would have been caused by a four-wheeler or side-by-side ATV being driven down the gravel road in a normal manner. There were no destructive “burnout” tracks in the area.

Oct.  20

The Staples Police notified the Wadena County Sheriff’s office of a party possibly being held at a rural Wadena County residence. A deputy responded and upon arrival observed numerous vehicles leaving the residence. There were numerous individuals still at the location on his arrival but were in the act of leaving. All appeared to be underage. The owner of the residence thanked the deputy for stopping and getting the vistors to leave. The Staples Police stopped one vehicle in the area and cited all three occupants for underage consumption.

An abandoned vehicle partially submerged in water was found on the west side of County Road 30 six miles north of Staples. While a deputy was on the scene, the owner of the vehicle arrived with his tow truck. He told the deputy he had gone off the road due to ice and slush and did not think he had to report it. He was told to inform the police in the future as a courtesy. There was no damage to the vehicle and it was pulled out by the owner.

Oct.  21

A caller informed police that her prescription drugs had disappeared  after her boyfriend’s brother had been in her home over the weekend.

A caller found it suspicious that her neighbor’s garage door was open after it had been closed. The neighbor was out of the area 

A caller reported finding a Savage 7 mm at the McGivern Shooting Range which someone had left behind. The gun was turned over to the sheriff’s office.

Oct.  22

Three juveniles were spotted chasing geese at Sunnybrook Park. An officer spoke to them and told them they could not chase geese even if they are wounded.

A complainant called the sheriff’s office after visiting a rural residence and finding a man there with two small children. He alleged the man’s pants were hanging down. A deputy investigated and found everything to be neat and in order. The man said he was watching his three grandchildren. The kids had been fed, were clean and were watching cartoons on television. The man had several firearms in a back bedroom which he said were his property. The deputy checked on the man’s status and found that he was not on probation and did not have any conditions which prevented him from having firearms.

Oct.  23

Three juveniles were spotted chasing geese at Sunnybrook Park. An officer spoke to them and told them they could not chase geese even if they are wounded.

A woman reported finding a small child running down the road being chased by a dog. She alleged the child was almost hit by a school bus prior to her arrival.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.