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Make sure your child gets rest, breakfast for testing

By Toni Kraska, Licensed School Counselor/School Assessment Coordinator

It is that time of year again for us to see where our students are when it comes to the state standards set by the Minnesota Department of Education.  The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments will begin at Wadena-Deer Creek Public Schools in April. 

It is important for each student to do his/her best so we know how best to help students improve in the future.  As we all know, it is hard to do our best when we are distracted. That’s why students need a good night’s sleep and breakfast to improve their performance on these assessments.  Students take these assessments on a computer, so it is especially important that their eyes are rested. 

Parents can get an idea of the assessments by looking at paper or online item samplers on the website  Students will be testing on the following dates:

3rd and 4th grades:

April 15th-17th –Math

April 29th-May 1st –Reading


5th grade:

April 7th-9th –Reading

April 21st-23rd –Math

May 5th-7th –Science

6th grade:

April 14th-16th –Reading

April 28th-30th –Math

7th grade:

April 10th and 11th –Reading

May 1st and 2nd –Math

8th grade:

April 3rd and 4th –Reading

April 24th and 25th –Math

May 8th and 9th –Science

10th grade:

April 28th - May 2nd - Reading

May 14th and May 15th - Science

11th Grade:

April 24th and 25th - Math