WDC elementary classrooms receive new flags

The patriotic effort was lead by retired teacher Junelle Jackson.

Elementary American Flag.jpg
After the renovation project at the elementary, some of the classrooms' American flags could not be found. Retired teacher Junelle Jackson (right) worked to find flags and Wadena-Deer Creek elementary head custodian Glen Wood installed the flags in the classrooms. Dana Cantleberry/WDC Schools

Wadena-Deer Creek elementary classrooms are being fitted with beautiful new flags, thanks to the efforts of retired teacher Junelle Jackson.

Jackson, who often fills in as a substitute teacher, said she noticed the absence of a classroom flag when teaching a lesson about Veterans Day to second graders. Without hesitation, she began the process of finding flags.

Jackson contacted Wadena VFW Auxiliary’s Ruth Clark who found inexpensive flags and brackets. Once the flags arrived, WDC elementary head custodian Glen Wood started installing the flags in classrooms without flags. After the elementary renovation project in 2019, the flags that were packed away could not be found.

“Every classroom should have a flag, especially when saying The Pledge of Allegiance,” Jackson said.

She has a soft spot in her heart for teaching civics and patriotism. In 2014, Jackson was the proud recipient of the Veterans of Foreign Wars' local, district and state Citizenship Education Teacher of the Year Award for K-5 teachers.


“They are beautiful,” said WDC second-grade teacher Rachael Johnson as Wood installed a new flag in her classroom.

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