Wadena Madhatters share outdoor theatre for first performance in 2021

The melodrama, "Three Nights in Arid Flats," is the first one Michelle and Doug Curtis wrote together.

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Owen Yearnsley (Kevin Klawitter, left) and Myron Firepants (Doug Curtis) search for cell phone signal in the small town while Tess Tenderheart (Sara Goetze, front) mourns the loss of her grandfather's ranch. The Wadena Madhatters performed "Three Nights in Arid Flats," written by Michelle and Doug Curtis, on July 10 and 11, 2021 in Ottertail and Wadena. Rebecca Mitchell/Pioneer Journal

In the Wadena Madhatters Community Theatre's first performance since the pandemic started, the cast shared "Three Nights in Arid Flats" on July 10 and 11.

In the small town of Arid Flats, Owen Yearnsley and Myron Firepants are trapped in a time loop after their bus breaks down. Throughout the melodrama, the two work to figure out how to leave town while also falling in love with locals Tess Tenderheart and Irma Notalot.

Madhatters Three Nights in Arid Flats.JPG
As the time loop begins to unravel, the characters pause as Alma Flipper (Bronwynn Touchette, left) tries to figure out the situation on July 11, 2021. Rebecca Mitchell/Pioneer Journal

The Madhatters also performed the melodrama in 2017. The melodrama is the first one Michelle and Doug Curtis wrote together.


"It was fun to be back out in front of people and to ham it up and have a good time, and hopefully they had a good time," Michelle said.

The cast and crew included Michelle Curtis, Bronwynn Touchette, Sara Goetze, Doug Curtis, Kevin Klawitter, Lora Foust and Corabeth Curtis.

The Madhatters are planning for drama camp July 26-Aug. 6 in Memorial Auditorium, the One Act play showcase in October and "Into the Woods" in spring 2022.

Madhatters Crowd Reaction.JPG
Lora Foust holds up the "aaah" sign for the audience to participate when romantic moments happen during the Madhatters' performance of "Three Nights in Arid Flats" on July 11, 2021 in Wadena. The small group of audience members also booed and shouted hooray in other parts. Rebecca Mitchell/Pioneer Journal

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