Sourcewell to honor Students of Character on Facebook Live

Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

The digital world continues with Sourcewell's Students of Character Celebration, which recognizes behind-the-scenes student leaders from throughout the region, according to a Sourcewell news release. The event will take place on Facebook at 5 p.m. on April 15.

To join the celebration, honorees and the public can visit @sourcewellgov on Facebook to access the link. Combining video captured before school closures and individually at each of the presenter’s homes, the event will honor 43 students from 22 local high schools and award scholarships provided by businesses, organizations and individuals, according to the news release.

A recording of the complete event will also be shared the following day at as well as be available on Facebook.

Here are a number of the local students being recognized during the event:

Bertha-Hewitt nominated students:


  • BerthaHewitt_Bakken_Shelby.png
    Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

    Shelby Bakken, nominated by Courtney Roatch: "Shelby is one of the most dedicated students in her community as well as her school. Shelby can be found throughout the day doing various projects she has taken to help out other staff members. She will often put her own personal tasks aside to help other students or staff. Shelby is definitely one of our school’s “go-to” students for help when needed. On top of taking PSEO classes Shelby found time to help with the school’s Entrepreneurship Program and Pure Goodness store, assist elementary teachers with testing and reading groups, and plan various class activities as this year’s senior class president. Shelby does all of this work for others, but is not one to ask for recognition. In fact she will often find others to thank for their help instead of taking the credit herself."

  • BerthaHewitt_Ellis_Zachary.png
    Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

    Zachary Ellis, nominated by Darren Glynn: "Zach is one of the hardest workers in our school. After Zach’s sophomore year of high school, Zach began working with our custodial staff during the summer, as well as subbing in during the school year when needed. Zach was one of the first students selected to be a member of our school’s entrepreneurship program. As a part of that program Zach has contributed on several projects, as well as represented the program at many conferences and meetings. Zach is always stepping up and helping out staff, and always does this with a smile on his face. He is a student that would rather blend in, but he deserves to stand out for all of the hard work he has done for our school."

Menahga nominated students:

  • Menahga_HarshaLeritz_Devan.jpg
    Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

    Devan Harsha-Leritz, nominated by April Hodge: "Devan Harsha-Leritz is a quiet but large presence in our school with the nick name "Big Deal". Devan sings in SH Choir as well as plays in the HS Band as well as pep band. Devan contributes to the Varsity Basketball Team as well as the UNC Varsity Football Team. He is a kind student that is always a friend to those who need one. Devan also is really involved in his youth group at Eastside Church."

  • Menahga_Hrdlicka_Chloe.jpg
    Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

    Chloe Hrdlicka, nominated by Maria Ness: "Chloe is a very caring and compassionate individual. During her years at MHS she has shared her smile, enthusiasm, and fun personality with many other students and staff. Chloe currently serves as the Menahga FFA President and a member of student council, and she has also been very active in assisting with the Special Olympics activities the last couple of years as well. Beyond these different roles, Chloe’s overall kindness, willingness to include others, and her ability to stand up for what she thinks is right, are some of the reasons she is so deserving of this recognition."

Sebeka nominated students:

  • Sebeka_Black_Isaiah.png
    Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

    Isaiah Black, nominated by Luke Roberts: "Isaiah contributes so much to our school just by being Isaiah. He’s cheerful, friendly, and helpful. This year he volunteered to be a teacher’s assistant and he got matched up with one of the kindergarten classrooms. Both Isaiah and the teacher were hesitant, but it didn’t take long for them to realize it was a great pairing. Because of his hard work, positive attitude, and willingness to help, the teacher requested Isaiah to be her assistant again this semester. Isaiah has also been employed at McDonald’s for two years. He takes his work very seriously, and it is obvious that he is a valued employee, as he has already been groomed for management."

  • Sebeka_Fisher_Lucas.jpg
    Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

    Lucas Fisher, nominated by Kristin Hoff: "Lucas is a worker bee. If he sees that something needs to be done, he just does it. He does a lot for our school that most people don’t even realize. For example, everyone loves when they get their yearbooks in the spring, but few people know the countless hours that Lucas has spent as the yearbook editor, making sure the pages are just right. Lucas has served on numerous planning committees, and he can always be counted on to pitch in when help is needed. Lucas has served as a teacher assistant in the art room, helping younger students with their work. He is also active in his church youth group."

Staples-Motley nominated students:

  • StaplesMotley_Gosch_Tyler.jpg
    Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

    Tyler Gosch, nominated by Joy Rippentrop: "Tyler has done science, math, and culinary classes with me. I rarely have to ask for his help. He does a lot of small, kind things for others. He seems to know when people are struggling and will step right in and offer his help. He has volunteered at the food shelf, shoveled out the Veteran's Park, and worked concessions to raise funds for our Project Based Learning program. For my culinary class, he works in the cafeteria through two of our lunches. He washes dishes, runs the a la carte line, and serves the other students through the normal line. He may not always like what he is asked to do, but he always does it with a huge grin on his face and with respect for everyone."

  • StaplesMotley_Swecker_Morgan.png
    Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

    Morgan Swecker, nominated by Christine Trout: "Morgan Swecker has been a quiet, steadfast, helpful force to staff, parents, and young people in our school and in our community. One challenge in Morgan’s life has been being an “army brat.” That means dealing with her dad’s deployment as an elementary student, having the family live apart from each other for long stretches, and moving to several different schools throughout her school career. Through all of that, her strong sense of personal responsibility means it’s important for her to be successful academically. She’s worked hard to meet both her and her teachers’ expectations--no matter which school she is attending. Currently she is taking classes both at the high school and as a PSEO student through Central Lakes College."

Verndale nominated students:

  • Verndale_Hopp_Breh.jpg
    Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

    Breh Hopp, nominated by Arick Follingstad: "Breh often organizes plans and help so events will run smoothly and all bases will be covered. She has a head for responsible and realistic financing and is an incredibly hard worker. She does not gossip and is respectful in the classroom. She is always on task and often helps others. She will also help those around her to choose the right path and not make negative choices."

  • Verndale_Malone_Breann.jpg
    Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

    Breann Malone, nominated by Arick Follingstad: "She has been a leader in the choir and continues to develop in this area. She has beautifully sung the national anthem for sporting events in the school. Breann helps during choir to keep people in her section on task. She is always on task and very reliable. She is able and willing to talk to any student who needs help or just someone to talk to. She is always willing to help out (both students and staff) in need."

Wadena-Deer Creek nominated students:

  • WadenaDeerCreek_Albright_Andrew.jpg
    Andrew Albright was nominated by WDC English and drama teacher Beth Hawkins who said in his bio, "He is the first to say hi to people in the hallway, and he always has a kind smile." Photo courtesy of Jenny Holmes/Sourcewell

    Andrew Albright, nominated by Beth Hawkins: "Andrew Albright's name fits his personality. He brings a brightness to every moment. He is the first to say hi to people in the hallway, and he always has a kind smile. Andrew is just genuinely a good person. He is a great person to work with in group projects, and he is always focused. He seems to love being around his classmates, and they love him right back."
  • Ashley Peterson, nominated by Laura Kiser: "Ashley Peterson has a passion for helping others that can be seen throughout her school day. Whether she is helping a struggling friend, assisting a classmate with homework, organizing her teacher’s room for school service without being asked or pushing peers to keep working through difficult things; Ashley is constantly giving to others with a smile on her face. Ashley works hard at her academics and pushes herself and classmates to produce the best work possible."

Instructions to view the event:

  • Go to .
  • If you aren’t logged into Facebook, you will see a pop-up prompting you to log in or create an account. You can skip the step by clicking ‘not now.’
  • Scroll down the page until you see a Premiere box titled ‘Students of Character - 2020 Virtual Celebration.’
  • Click on the box to start watching.
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