Organ donors celebrated at annual Wadena event

Sarah Fisher, from Horace, N.D., shared the story of her son’s passing and his subsequent organ donation as well as dedicated a paver to his memory in Tri-County's Garden of Hope.

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Sarah Fisher, left, had the opportunity to speak about her son’s passing and organ donation. During the ceremony on April 6, 2021, she dedicated a special paver to his memory. (Photo courtesy Tri-County Health Care)

WADENA -- April is National Donate Life month. During this time, medical organizations around the world promote organ donation and the life-saving benefits that come from it.

Tri-County Health Care staff and some special guests filled the Garden of Hope near the Wesley building in Wadena for the special flag-raising event on April 6. Those in attendance heard the painful story of loss the family of Cameron Bolton, of Horace, N.D., endured and the life that young man was able to preserve.

Bolton, 22, of Fargo, was a passenger in a vehicle driven by his friend, which collided with a van carrying a group of basketball players from Lisbon, N.D., at an intersection in Fargo. Severely injured, Bolton lived for several days, during which a number of his organs were removed and given to others who were in need of transplants.

Sarah Fisher, Bolton's mom, spoke at the event. She was invited to share the story of her son’s passing and his subsequent organ donation. At this event, she dedicated a paver to her son. The Garden of Hope includes a short walkway of pavers that include names of those who have donated organs in the area. Currently, Fisher is working on having a Garden of Hope built in the Fargo area.

Tri-County Health Care partners with LifeSource, a non-profit organization that assists with organ donations throughout the United States. Barb Nelson-Agnew, a representative from LifeSource, shared that Tri-County Health Care’s 13 donors have helped over 975 people over six years.


Fisher became a serious advocate for organ donation after losing her son in 2018. Bolton was known for his giving spirit, so Fisher set out on a mission of remembrance for her son but also to persuade others to become organ donors.

Random Acts of Kindness Rock.jpeg
Fisher has been distributing random act of kindness rocks across the globe. These rocks are meant to generate kindness while also promoting organ donation. Photo courtesy Tri-County Health Care, 2021

She is currently distributing "random act of kindness" rocks across the globe. One such rock can now be found within the Wadena garden. It is decorated with the Donate Life logo and it comes with information about Cameron. Fisher hopes people will find these rocks and spread goodwill throughout their respective communities and become organ donors, according to a Tri-County Health Care news release.

For more information about Cameron and his story, please visit the Crosses for Cameron Facebook page.

To learn more about Tri-County Health Care’s Garden of Hope or how to become an organ donor, visit .

Sarah Fisher Donate Life.jpeg
In a tearful address, Sarah Fisher shared her story about her son Cameron and his organ donation. In her speech she expressed how important it is to become an organ donor and how it can impact the lives of many. (Photo courtesy Tri-County Health Care)

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