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Someplace Safe receives funding to support parenting time centers

Someplace Safe has been selected by the Otto Bremer Foundation to receive funding to assist our five Parenting Time Centers.

The Someplace Safe Parenting Time Center (PTC) operates to provide constancy of the parent-child relationship, which is key to a child's sense of security, feelings of self-worth, and development. Yet, many children today are deeply and adversely affected by lack of quality contact with a parent due to situations out of their control, including divorce, separation or family violence and abuse.

The Parenting Time Centers are designed to assure that children can have safe and conflict-free access to parents through a variety of services delivered by trained providers. The PTC and its staff encourage respectful communication within families, help to establish a parenting time routine and offer parents referrals to other community resources. Each center provides a safe, neutral location for drop off, pick up and visitation of children.

Emilyn Haugen, Someplace Safe Director of Parenting Time Centers states, "It is because of our community support that we are able to do the work we do. We are so grateful for the Otto Bremer Foundation. Because of this grant, we can increase safety and security while providing the means for quality parenting time for families we serve."

For more information on the Parenting Time Centers at Someplace Safe, visit: