A True Leader

This letter is paid content. Beyond a doubt, Carol Wenner is the best candidate for MN House District 8B. I’ve personally known Carol for many years. She is caring and honorable. Most of all, Carol is a true leader.

Three years ago, I reached out to current representative Mary Franson after she tweeted very hurtful rhetoric toward a certain population of people in our community. I never received a response.

I have served on multiple boards and committees with Carol, including the Inclusion Network and Alexandria’s Cultural Inclusiveness Committee. I’ve never once heard Carol speak negatively about a person from an underprivileged or underrepresented population. As a woman of faith, this quality is extremely important to me.

I am a homeschooling mother of five small children. In teaching my kids about democracy this fall, I am encouraging them to vote for leaders who are compassionate. We teach our kids to not belittle or demean others. Shouldn’t, then, we seek that in our local and statewide leadership?

Carol is a leader who values all voices. I endorse Carol Wenner for representative.

Rachel Capistrant

Alexandria, Minn.