10 years ago - Jan. 16, 2010

Uselman is Miss Tootsie

Five of Wadena’s bravest men competed in the Miss Tootsie pageant, which is a fundraiser for the Miss Wadena Scholarship Fund. Dean Uselman took top honors as Miss Tootsie. Other competitors were Brian Murdoch (Anne Drogenous), John Longie (Holly Lewya), Corey Tabbert (Ima Vailable) and John Gravelle (Tess Tosterone).

50 years ago - Jan. 22, 1970

“Lunker” northern pike

15-year-old Allen Hotakainen proudly displays the “lunker” northern pike which he speared Saturday Jan. 10 in Blueberry Lake northeast of Menahga. The pike was weighed at the Menahga Locker Plant, and tipped the scales at 27 lbs, 1 oz. Allen is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arvi Hotakainen of rural Sebeka, and was fishing with Melvin Nelson. This is one of the largest fish ever from Blueberry.

90 years ago - Jan. 16, 1930

Oleo sales in Wadena large

The alarming decrease in the price of butter and butterfat is said to be caused by overproduction. A survey made this week by the Pioneer Journal in this city would indicate that the growing demand for oleomargarine and other butter substitutes is without doubt the greatest single factor in this overproduction. In making this survey in Wadena on the sale of butter substitutes, all the retail grocery stores and meat markets were included. The facts obtained were astounding when it is considered that Wadena is in the very heart of the best dairy section of Minnesota.It is very conservatively estimated that 1,000 pounds of oleomargarine and other butter substitutes are being sold in Wadena every week and the bitter part of this is that of these 1,000 pounds, 550 of them are being bought each week by farmers. It is true that “oleo” sells for considerable less than creamery butter. It is also true that its food value is almost nothing and it is a downright shame to feed it in place of good butter to growing children.

***This issue of the Wadena Pioneer Journal had the statement “Use More Butterfat and Lard” printed between every written article!