70 years ago - Dec. 8, 1949

Red Owl Supermarket set to open this Saturday

Begun last May by the Merickel Lumber Mills of this city, the new building embodies the latest features offered for the convenience and comfort of shoppers.The store, which is Red Owl’s newest with more than 7,000 feet of floor space, contains 12 separate departments under one roof, with each section identified by easy to read signs. Almost a quarter of a mile of shelving lines the two-toned green walls and center islands, carrying a complete stock of all foods. The shelves are finished in bright yellow and edges with aluminum stripping carrying the price tags of articles. The meat department features 40 feet of refrigerated meat cases. All meat cutting equipment is new. The meat department also features a complete fish and seafood section, with a large deep freeze unit installed for storage of frozen seafood. Other departments include a large self serve bakery section, fresh candy section, magazine sales, and a health and beauty aid department. Eight local girls and five local men will be employed permanently in the grocery department under Grocery Manager Stan McKellep. Meat manager is Steve Klein.

Shopping carts are available at the entrance turnstile, also Shop-a-tot carts, which permit the shopper to place the baby in a special seat on the cart. Three check-out lanes and cashiers will facilitate the flow of shoppers with the least inconvenience. The new supermarket is a big contribution to the continued growth and expansion of the city.

30 years ago - Dec. 14, 1989

Tri-County celebrates 5 years of air ambulance

Shannon Moske received her first helicopter ride this past September at a very young age. Unfortunately the 19-month old wasn’t able to enjoy it. She was having a grand mal seizure at the time. For five years, LifeFlight has been giving rides… emergency ones… to patients like Moske. When Wadena Tri-County hospital doesn’t feel equipped to handle certain life threatening situations, the air ambulance service provides a quick trip to St. Luke’s hospital in Fargo. LifeFlight is one of three helicopters available to Wadena. The other two are from North Memorial and Abbott-Northwestern in the Twin Cities. But the Fargo flight has been available the longest and is used most often by patients. LifeFlight had a list of 42 people they had transported in the past five years from Wadena. In all the cases, Tri-County hospital doctors felt the situation called for the patients to be moved for their best interest, often to save their lives. Air ambulance service has done that, and patients are grateful for the service.

5 years ago - Dec. 11, 2014

Wadena celebrates new wellness center

The Maslowski Wellness and Research Center debuted Saturday on the southwest side of Wadena following 13 months of construction and decades of dreaming. Just moments after the doors of the $12.3 million, 52,500 square foot facility opened to the public for the first time, Councilwoman Gillette Kempf made no attempt to contain the excitement she, her colleagues and scores of area residents had for the long-anticipated grand opening. “Isn’t this the most perfect Christmas present the city of Wadena has ever seen?” she asked. “Look at this beautiful gift for the community.”

A nickname emerges

The Maslowski Wellness and Research Center is a bit of a mouthful. MWRC (Mm-werk?) doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, either. Perham has the PACC (Perham Area Community Center). And if the nickname sticks, Wadena now has The Mas (pronounced Maz). The Mas, as it has come to be known, shares an adjacent site to the new Wadena-Deer Creek Middle/High School, which was also destroyed by the tornado. During the ribbon cutting ceremony, Mayor Wayne Wolden asked Mary Maslowski her thoughts on The Mas. She wholeheartedly approved, noting it was the nickname of her father, Frank Maslowski, who placed his fortune in the trust that contributed $1.5 million to the facility.