Nov. 17, 1949

Butturff store name is changed to “Homecrest”

One of Wadena’s pioneer business establishments, the Butturff and Son Furniture store, this week announced a change in name to “Homecrest Furniture, Inc.” The change, effective this week, was announced by M. M. Bottemiller and A. L. Engelman, owners of the furniture store since August, 1945. The firm is one of the oldest furniture stores in this section of the state, and for over 50 years grew to prominence under the ownership of the late Clyde C. Butturff, who passed away in 1946. Mr. Butturff and his father, Samuel Butturff, purchased the store, then the Roland & Eddy store, in 1894, and after the elder Mr. Butturff’s death, his son owned and operated it until 1945 when it was sold to the present owners.

Nov. 14, 1929

Santa accepts Wadena invite

Santa Claus has already started for the United States and he will visit Wadena. He accepted the invitation extended to him by the Wadena Lions club and a message from him states that he will be here on or about December 2. A local committee of Lions is arranging the program for Santa’s visit here. There will be Christmas decorations on the streets, in the stores and in the show windows to lend to the holiday spirit. On Tuesday a radiogram was received from Santa Claus upon his arrival at Point Barrow. He will go on to Nome, and take ship for Seattle. Nothing further was heard from Santa Claus until this morning. Searching parties found him and his party, and they were brought to Nome by airplane. It would seem that Ertak, one of the Eskimoes, fell through an airhole in the Yukon river and Santa was forced to stop and build a fire to thaw him out. He was a very sick Eskimo. Reindeer and all were brought by plane to Nome and all are safe. The party will rest and allow Ertak to get some medical attention before continuing on their way into the United States.