30 years ago

Aug. 31, 1989

High tech breeding

Herd service and other advancements in breeding technology allowed local farmers to inseminate their own cattle. American Breeders’ Service Representative Russ Hendrickson saw a major drop in the number of inseminations he had to perform. At the time he was selling 10,000 units of bull semen each year but only inseminated around a fifth of those animals.

Mary Kay

Sharon Podratz was named to the Director Queen’s Court of Personal Sales at Mary Kay Cosmetics. She earned the award by earning $16,000 in personal wholesale purchases.

90 years ago

Aug. 29, 1929

Boy Scouts

Wadena Boy Scouts were tasked with policing the grounds during the Wadena County Fair. Assisting them were members of the American Legion.

School begins

The public school was slated to open on Sept. 3, 1929. The school was redecorated and repaired after a fire. Students often traveled to attend school and worked for room and board while studying.