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Living History: Charity and champions

Teenagers abstained from food and completed several community service activities like cleaning fire trucks. From the Pioneer Journal archives

10 years ago

March 12, 2009

• WDC students showed off their mouse traps as a part of a school assignment on transportation technology. Students are tasked with building a small vehicle out of specific materials which include a mouse trap. Mouse traps cars are then tested based on efficiency and distance traveled.

• Wadena boxers clean house during a 14-card bout at the local armory. Travis Petro won the main event against Tyler Hultin of Fergus Falls. His five teammates also emerged victorious during the competition.

20 years ago

March 4, 1999

• Commissioners began inspecting building plans for a $600,000 transfer station. The decision to build the structure had been looming for some time. Commissioners had a difficult time deciding what features the new building would have. Much discussion was focused on the size of the doors and ramp. Ultimately they decided to go with a smaller door and ramp which saved the county $90,000.

• Local teens raised $1,200 for starving children around the world. They participated in a 30 hour fast while performing various acts of community service like cleaning fire trucks. 40 participants raised a large sum of money for World Vision. The charity uses the funds to feed, educate, and provide clothing for struggling children across the globe.

30 years ago

March 9, 1989

Marcus communication joined the fight against birth defects for the second year as a corporate sponsor of Walk-America. The massive charity walk was held in Wadena on Apr. 30. Money raised from the event goes toward research and public education programs.