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Living History: New superintendent, husband feeling at home in Wadena

15 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 14, 2003 Pioneer Journal

• Minister sees miracles in Merickel mansion

In the fire-damaged Merickel mansion on Colfax Avenue, the Rev. Carol A. Carroll sees miracles.

She sees a bed and breakfast and outreach for the elderly among the main functions. She hopes to have a place for community groups to rent for meetings; she might serve food. She would like to offer a place for support groups such as one for teen mothers and a place for her ministry. Money from the bed and breakfast would be used to support her ministry and outreach.

She sees beyond a massive vandalized chandelier, fire-ravaged rooms and water-damaged parquet floors.

"I see mighty miracles coming out of this place," she said.

The house has been part of the Wadena community for more than 100 years. Vandals and time have taken their toll. About five years ago, vandals started a massive fire that destroyed several rooms and left massive smoke damage. In November, vandals started several fires upstairs. Vandals recently have punched holes in third-floor rooms, said daughter Melissa Erkenbrack.

But Carroll and her daughter say they and others will fix the house for her ministry.

55 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 15, 1963 Pioneer Journal

• Dog locks owner out of automobile

It took a locksmith 20 minutes to open the car door for Leo Lehn Tuesday night after it had accidentally been locked from the inside, but not by Leo.

It seems that Leo had his little toy poodle in the car with him and when he stopped to get out, he left the dog in the vehicle. The dog walked around the inside of the vehicle and finally put his paw on the lock and that's all there is to it.

Twenty minutes later, plus the services of one locksmith, Leo was again on his way.

80 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 18, 1938 Pioneer Journal

• Golf ball hits windshield, motorist suffers eye cuts

Because he was struck and injured by a golf ball while riding in an automobile near the Detroit Country Club, Theodore Thorson of minneapolis Monday filed an action in Becker County district court asking $10,000 in damages, according to C.B. Connell, clerk.

In the complaint, Thorson states that on june 13, he was riding in an automobile along the south side of the golf course when a ball, going out of bounds, struck the machine's windshield and sprayed him with glass. He alleges the glass has impaired his sight and given him permanent injury. He also holds that his earning capacity has been diminished because of the mishap.

The case is expected to come up for trial in the fall term of court. The country club is a corporation with a board of directors headed by Dr. L.H. Rutledge, who yesterday had no comment to make regarding the action.