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Living History: Multiple fights plague weekend Huntersville trail rides event

20 years ago

Excerpts from the May 14, 1998 Pioneer Journal

• Multiple fights plague weekend Huntersville trail rides event

The Huntersville Trail Ride, held in Huntersville this past weekend, was the scene for multiple assaults Saturday, May 9.

An 18-year-old Menahga male has been arrested in connection to pushing a 16-year-old female down an embankment. The fall caused her to lose consciousness.

According to deputy sheriff reports, she attempted to retrieve a horse the male was riding. He told her to leave him alone or she'd be sorry. He then got off the horse and shoved her down the hill.

She is pressing charges in the incident.

A sheriff's deputy saw the suspect with his brother shortly after when the deputy was told of another fight. The deputy observed the suspect and his brother heading toward an individual wearing a black t-shirt with cuts on his face. That individual was walking away from the two brothers. The brothers were attempting to continue the fight with the third male. The third male did not wish to press charges.

The suspect in the first assault was arrested at that time. The officer was asked to eject the suspect's brother from the trail ride by officials, which he did.

The handcuffed suspect was taken to Tri-County Hospital to receive medical attention for injuries he incurred when fighting with the man in the black t-shirt.

While there, the suspect refused medical attention. He was then taken back out to the squad car, his hands cuffed in front of him. The suspect attempted an escape at that time.

He managed to run a quarter mile before the officer recaptured him.

He is now in custody and faces third degree assault and attempted escape charges.

The officer reported smelling liquor on the suspect's breath.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the May 10, 1978 Pioneer Journal

• Omnibus hearing for six suspects slated June 1

An omnibus hearing for six suspects arrested Friday by Pope County deputies in connection with the March 14 shooting of a security guard at a power line site near Villard is scheduled for Thursday, June 1, according to Pope County Judge John Claeson.

Two of the suspects were William Theodore Hansen and William Edward Hansen, a father and son who were arrested Friday afternoon at their rural Wadena farm.

The Pioneer Journal Tuesday morning contacted Hansen's' attorney, Tom Ryan, Brainerd, for a statement as to the charges filed against Hansen and his son. They were told Ryan would not be available for comment for two weeks.

One of the suspects arrested was Math Woida, a power line protester from Sauk Centre, who had been acquitted May 5 of interfering with a State Patrol officer guarding the controversial power line.

Arrested early Friday afternoon with Woida were Darrell Bartos and his brother, Anthony, both of rural Glenwood and Harold Fischer, rural Villard in Pope County, authorities said.

All six were arraigned in Pope County court Friday on charges of aggravated criminal damage to property and conspiracy to commit criminal damage to property.

Pope County Judge Claeson set bond for five of the suspects at $5,000 each. At the request of special county attorney Thomas Simmons and the state Attorney General's office, bond for the elder Hansen was set at $10,000.

According to the Pope County Sheriff's Office, the six are suspected of being in a truck from which five shots were fired at a security guard and a deputy sheriff on the night of March 14.

One bullet shattered the windshield of the truck the two guards were sitting in. The guard, 30-year-old Allen Krook of Glenwood, was wounded when glass and bullet fragments struck his face and shoulder. The deputy, Mark Hedner, was not injured.