The Wadena County Historical Society's "Minnesota Voices" program is accepting original poetry until April 1. The 10 to 15 poems selected will be presented on April 16 as a part of National Poetry Month, according to a Historical Society news release.

The submission guidelines are as follows:

  • The poem must be written by the poet.
  • The poem should be no more than 30 lines.
  • The poem may be in any form: rhymed, free verse, prose, rap, etc.
  • The poem may have been previously published.
  • Each submission must include your name, address, email, the title of the poem and the complete text of the poem. Please indicate whether you will be present to read the poem on April 16.
  • Submissions must be postmarked or received by April 1 to be eligible. Poets selected will be notified by April 5.
  • Submit via email to: or mail to: Wadena County Historical Society, 603 Jefferson Street North, Wadena, MN 56482.

The poets selected are invited to read their poem at the event on April 16, though poets are not required to read their poem. Instead, the poet may elect to have the poem read by a member of the panel.