The annual Wadena-Deer Creek Homecoming Parade was led by grand marshals Terry Olson and Jane Bagstad.

The couple spoke briefly during the coronation ceremony earlier in the day and later bundled up with a blue and gold blanket in the back of a convertible to parade around town.

Bagstad said this was the first time she's been in a parade since she was in marching band in high school, and the first time she was able to wave. She spoke about her time as a daycare provider and how she always told her kids that what's important is "the kind of person you are."

She said she hears all the time how nice kids in Wadena are and she couldn't agree more.

Olson spoke briefly of their daughter Johanna and her successes including making the Olympic marathon trials twice. He said that Johanna found her gift early on and chose to give it away. Olson's gift of coaching for more than 30 years was his way of giving his gift away. He said Bagstad's gift was caring for little children. He encouraged the crowd to seek out their gifts and put them to use.

"When you find it, please give it away," Olson said.

Out on the parade route, many chose to don stocking caps and gloves as a cool breeze blew and temperatures clung just above 50 degrees.

The parade was loaded with student and business floats. Many of the Hall of Fame inductees or their family members also took part just prior to the induction ceremony and later the football game putting WDC up against the New York Mills Eagles.