The Family Fun Challenge took place on June 29 at the WDC practice field. Teams showed up for registration in pairs to compete in gameshow style yard games. The games range from tire pushing to more mentally taxing challenges like memory. The days festivities were organized by Someplace Safe.

Hope Torma is a crime victim advocate working for Someplace Safe. She and a staff of volunteers organized the games. The Family Fun Challenge consists of teams of two competing in games, similar to the show Minute to Win It. Teams rush to complete the challenges and the first three teams to finish wins a prize. Door prizes were also a part of the event.

"We were originally doing 5K's and I felt they were overpopulated in the community and I wanted to do something that brought more families together," said Torma. For her, the most important aspect of the event is bringing people together but also to spread awareness for Someplace Safe, a crime-victim advocacy agency.

The activities were operated in a passport style with contestants able to complete each station in any order. Activities were designed to be wacky and unique. One station had contestants attempting to remove marbles from a children's pool using only their feet. At another station, one contestant sprayed their head with shaving crime while the other tried to land a cheeto on the glob of cream. Some games tested physical dexterity while some were more mental. On the farside of the field was the memory game which had many stumped. Teams had to play an enlarged game of memory using paper plates, which had various symbols printed on them. Several people commented that memory was the most difficult phase.

After an arduous run of challenges, Joni Redetzke and Shirley Torma reigned victorious. The pair let out a loud cheer when they came in first. They completed the gauntlet fairly quickly. They commented that the two-legged race was the easiest part with the memory game being the greatest obstacle for them. Redetzke and Torma are from Park Rapids and both work in a orthodontics laboratory. They received a $100 Walmart gift card which they split.

All proceed from the Family Fun Challenge benefit Someplace Safe in Wadena County.