The 2019 4-H Farm Legacy Auction had the arena filled with animals and their 4-H handlers. This year the event changed from a pride auction or capped auction to a blue ribbon auction. Fair goers filled the bleachers and waited patiently for their chance to bid on the hard work of the 4-H'ers

Anni Olson, chairperson for the Wadena County Legacy Auction, made her rounds snapping photos and helping with the facilitation of the event. She explained that during the auction the animals are not for sale, bids are for their ribbons.

The auction was split into multiple categories and one at a time participants and their animals were brought out. After a quick display, the bidding would begin. Categories include beef, dairy, sheep, goat, swine, poultry, and rabbits. All participants were 4-H members and they were solely responsible for raising and caring for their respective animals.

Olson praised the event as an opportunity to promote personal growth. "It's helping the kids, it's helping them grow as people, they're responsible for keeping the barns clean, they're responsible for being where they need to be," said Olson.