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Fire Prevention Week: Wadena Fire Department hosts open house

Brent Johnson guides a group of preschoolers through the Wadena Fire Department bay on Tuesday. Becky Wedde/Pioneer Journal1 / 3
Wadena Fire Department staff hand out goodies to kids passing through during the open house Monday night at the Wadena Fire Department. Michael Johnson/Pioneer Journal2 / 3
Wadena fire fighters demonstrate how they put out a car fire during the fire departments open house Monday night in Wadena. The procedure included opening the hood and trunk to spray out the fire and spraying the interior while flames burst out at the fire fighters. Michael Johnson/Pioneer Journal3 / 3

During Fire Prevention Week, the Wadena Fire Department hosted an open house Monday, Oct. 8.

The open house included demonstrations of a car and kitchen fire. Families were able to walk through a small home and learn about fire prevention as well as what to do in case of a fire. Kids were able meet the fire department staff, climb aboard the fire trucks and take home some fire department goodies.