More than 140 photos from the Picturing the Good Life project will be on display at the Wadena County Museum until the end of August. They represent the work of both non-professional and professional photographers. The impetus for this project was to find photographs that represented the Wadena region in the finest possible light.

The judges of the Picturing the Good Life committee selected three that they believe best represent "The Good Life." One is a photo from Rebecca Dooley of a sunset on Spirit Lake, Menahga. The other two photos selected by the committee were the work of Jean-Louis Monfraix, a professional photographer who visited the area briefly last year and captured the spirit of the area in a number of photographs including one of the Cozy Theatre and another of his breakfast at Boondocks Café.

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Local photographer, Don Hoffman, was the other professional selected for the Picturing the Good Life project. Not surprisingly, his photos were the top choices in the exhibit held last month at the Wadena County Fair. Rebecca Dooley's photo was also a People's Choice as was a photo by Alvina Kytta of New York Mills.

The Wadena County Museum is located at 603 Jefferson Street North. Open hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For information email or call (218) 631-9079.

Funding for this project was provided by a grant from Region 5 Branding Project funded by the National Joint Powers Alliance. The grant was written for the Wadena Chamber of Commerce and administered by Lina Belar of the Wadena County Historical Society. For more information call Jed Brazier-Wadena Chamber at (218) 632-7704 or Lina Belar-Wadena County Historical Society at (218) 631-9079.