Wadena-Deer Creek Schools was gifted three trees from Toby Pierce & Associates in honor of Toby Pierce.

Erin Pierce said her father has always had a fondness for trees for as long as she can remember, so it was only fitting they donate trees in his honor.

“He just loves trees. Loves to trim trees too. He goes around town all summer long trimming trees. You could say, trees are important to him,” Erin said.

She recalls receiving a tree for Arbor Day when she was in fifth grade and planting this small spruce tree in their yard. Today, the spruce is a huge, majestic tree—thanks to the nurturing care of her father.

“I guess as long as I can remember, I’ve appreciated trees,” Toby said. “Where I grew up in downtown St. Paul, there weren’t any trees. There’s something about trees I just enjoy.”

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Pete’s Nursery & Landscaping planted the three trees in one of the school’s rain gardens by the front entrance of middle/high school. The maple varieties are Firefall (red), Honey Locust (yellow) and Sienna Glen (burnt orange).

Besides running the family’s insurance business for 60 years, Toby was a longtime member of the Wadena City Council. In fact, he was instrumental in creating the Park Board which focuses on establishing and maintaining the many beautiful parks Wadena is known for.

“It’s made a difference in the long run. Just look at all of our parks. It’s a good thing. People enjoy them,” Toby said.

WDC Supterintendent Lee Westrum was on hand to see the trees being planted and to thank Toby Pierce & Associates for their generous donation.

“It is a fitting tribute to Toby, who is Wadena’s biggest advocate for planting and caring for trees in our community,” Westrum said.