In a sudden loss, the Hagen family is fundraising for the Kasi and Jeremy Hagen family of Wadena.

Caleb Hagen, 12, passed away in an accident on Oct. 1, according to the GoFundme page started shortly after his death. He is known for living life fully and loving others as well as for his relationship with Jesus Christ.

“He ran, he laughed, he played, he wrestled, he broke things, he built things, he golfed, he hunted, he got in trouble, he loved his family, he was kind to all, he rode bike...HE LIVED!,” Matthew and Kyle Hagen, two of Caleb’s uncles, said on the GoFundMe page.

The goal of the fundraiser is to support the family, including his three siblings Jillian, Beatrice and Luke, to live as Caleb did.

As of the morning of Oct. 7, $15,850 has been raised of the $20,000 goal. The funds will go towards any financial burdens, a trip and helping the family in their grief.

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“Though we mourn and cry and miss him so very much, we will live for him with smiles and laughs and many happy tears. Help us help the family of Jeremy and Kasi Hagen,” Kyle Hagen said in a Facebook post sharing the fundraiser.

To donate

To support the Hagen family, visit You can also send flowers or share a memory about Caleb at