“All God’s Creatures Have a Place in the Choir” is the tune the Northern Lights Chorale sings to, not in this year’s Christmas concert, but in the livelihood of the choir. The melody carries to those in their first year and those in their 21st year. The song itself is also a chorale favorite, one “that gets (the members) going.”

“It’s just enjoyable to sing with other people who like to sing because you sing at church … or you can sing with the radio but when you sing with a bunch of people who also love to sing that is what really binds us together,” said Margaret Pohlman, who has been in the chorale for 21 years.

The Northern Lights Chorale practices at the Sebeka United Methodist Church and is comprised of people with ranges of singing talents. Anne Graham, 21 year member, said there are no auditions for the choir, and other members joined with, “Regardless of whether they can sing or not” and another, “We just hope they can!” Graham noted the choir is relaxed and they enjoy having fun.

The conversation continued from one chorale member to the next as they shared what they enjoy about the chorale. First year member Jennifer Mattson began with making new friends, 20 year member Vera Malone says the camaraderie, other voices pipe up in agreement and 15 year member Marci Olson finishes the thought.

“And we’ve become friends, all of us, we’re kind of like a family,” Olson said.

For this year’s Christmas concert, the group wears plaid and black vests made “many years ago,” according to Malone, as they sing about “Hope...Joy...Peace.” The concert is a combination of a Christmas musical, “Peace Has Come,” and “Candles & Carols,” which includes biblical narration and added Christmas lyrics.

“It follows the biblical narration all the way through, which is very nice. And it’s good to bring that, the message of the real Christmas, to the people,” Pohlman said.

As the message of Jesus being born at Christmas is spread, the music is pretty and brings the holiday spirit, according to Olson and Mattson.

“I think hope, joy and peace says it all. You know we’re looking forward, that anticipation, and then Christ comes,” Malone said.

With the themes of “Hope...Joy...Peace,” Mattson hopes people will feel joy and peace, for as the lyrics rang out during the concert, “Peace has come.”

The chorale will be performing their Christmas concert on Dec. 15 at 3 p.m. at the Sebeka United Methodist Church and at 7 p.m. at the Karvonen Chapel in Wadena.

If you would like to join the chorale as an accompanist, contact Vera Malone at 218-837-1836 or pvmal962@gmail.com.