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29 youth attend 2018 Forkhorn Field Day

The 2018 Forkhorn Field Day took place Sunday, Sept. 30 at Knob Hill Sportsman's Club with 29 students attending and participating in shooting events.

The winners in the 10 shot rifle were Logan Wegscheid in the boys and Rose Dykhoff in the girls. In the trap shoot, Blake Olson won for the boys and Morgan Grangruth for the girls. The archery event was won by Zeke Aho for boys and Rose Dykhoff for girls.

The swinging egg event was won by Wyatt Olson for the boys and Rose Dykhoff for the girls.

Each person took home a prize provided to the students as well as the instructors who worked the shooting events. The firearms given away included three Savage .22 rifles, a Savage .308 rifle and Savage 25-06 with scope, Stevens 12 gauge and a Mossberg .270 rifle.