Clearing snow from hydrants is worth the effort

If you share a hydrant with neighbors, form a group to keep it clear this winter.

Clearing a path around fire hydrants like this one provides easy access for emergency workers to locate and use the life saving and property saving flow of water. Michael Johnson/Pioneer Journal

With the recent snow and large amount of measurable snow, it’s time to clean snow away from hydrants.

It is recommended that a 3 foot by 3 foot area be cleared in all directions to allow firefighters to work easily without having to waste valuable minutes clearing away snow.

Do your part to ensure hydrants are accessible this winter. Image contributed by the Wadena Fire Department

The Wadena Fire Department notes that the best way of keeping your hydrants clear in your neighborhood this winter is develop a group that takes turns clearing the hydrants each snowfall. Besides from making a clear working area, this also allows firefighters to easily spot hydrants in your neighborhood.

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