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Unauthorized third party processing payments for Arvig customers

Arvig recently discovered an unauthorized third party, Doxo, has been processing payments for Arvig customers and requiring a fee for processing.

Please be advised Arvig has not authorized this vendor, or any other third party, to charge customers for processing their payments. Arvig is currently investigating the practice and looking for ways to remedy the situation.

Customers are able to pay their Arvig bill online for free. Those who want to utilize this service

are encouraged to visit to access their secure customer account and use the "Pay My

Bill" function to make payments free of charge.

Arvig said this issue was discovered after a customer lost service after paying their Arvig bill through Doxo, rather than directly to Arvig.

Arvig did not authorize the use of their trademarked logo or online identity on this third-party website. "Making the payment page look like a legitimate Arvig page misleads the customer so they think they are on a page that is in some way linked to or authorized by Arvig, when it is not," according to a news release from Arvig.

Arvig was only aware of one customer being affected by this process so far.