West Central Telephone's President Bruce Kinnunen and General Manager/CEO Chad Bullock recently participated in legislative visits in St. Paul with the Minnesota Telecom Alliance for their annual Day on the Hill event. Kinnunen and Bullock visited with Senator Paul Utke, District 2, Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen, District 8 and Representative John Poston, District 9A while at the state capital.

There were 50 participants at Day on the Hill representing 25 telecoms including West Central Telephone. The Minnesota Telecom Alliance and the Minnesota Cable Communications Association held a Legislative Reception that was well attended. Attendees included 30 House members and 11 Senators.

The focus of this year's Day on the Hill meeting was on the Border to Border Broadband grant program, and its successful efforts to continue broadband mapping and assisting with other state agencies to help reduce the time it takes to deploy broadband.

West Central Telephone has received four grants from the Border to Border Broadband program. Kinnunen stated, "It's important that legislators hear directly from us, especially on issues relating to broadband deployment in rural Minnesota."

Kinnunen and Bullock shared a handout with legislators that highlighted West Central's addition of 61 square miles of area served as a direct result of Border to Border Broadband projects. Kinnunen continued, "We would not have been able to bring broadband service to unserved neighboring communities without the Border to Border Broadband program."