Pillage Square opened in downtown Wadena on June 7.

The retail shop buys, sells, and cosigns a wide variety of items but has a special emphasis on electronics. Pillage Square mainly deals in electronics, gaming, vintage items, and cell phones. After taking a brief walk through the store it's obvious they have a little bit of everything.

General manager, Elizabeth Shamp was hastily inventorying Xbox games. Inspecting the title, case, and disk for future sale. Shamp is a connoisseur of old school items and loves conversing with customers. According to Shamp, her favorite part of operating the store is, "meeting all the people."

Undoubtedly Shamp meets a wide range of customers because her store literally has something for everyone. In one corner, a glass case houses video game consoles and peripherals. In another corner, she has antique glassware. A mini ATV, DVDs, shoes, and an assortment of odds and ends are peppered throughout the small shop.

Shamp is originally from Illinois and is an avid sports fan. Her favorite item to sell is vintage Minnesota Wild Jerseys.

Joe Biagne is the primary owner of the business and has been in possession of the building for around five years. He operated a very similar business but the marketing focused a little to heavily on antiques, which prompted a complete makeover from Julie's Antiques to Pillage Square. Mark Lunde, a key investor in the business, offered a great deal of help during the transformation of the business. He commented that 90% of sales occur online through various websites. Lunde praised Shamp's digital marketing skills, "she stood out as someone with a good internet presence," said Lunde.

The store is located at 218 Jefferson St. S., in Wadena. Pillage Square is open Monday through Saturday, 10-4 p.m.