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Brett Doebbeling screws drywall into place Monday at Drastic Measures Brewing. A great deal of work must be completed before the brewery can officially open. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal1 / 6
Renovation work is underway and Doebbeling has been busy adding new additions to the facility. Photo courtesy of Brett Doebbeling2 / 6
Brett Doebbeling, owner of Drastic Measures Brewing. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal3 / 6
Tanks have been recently installed, pushing the new business closer to opening. Photo courtesy of Brett Doebbeling4 / 6
The former Coast-to-Coast building as shown in May 2018 was soon to be remodeled into Drastic Measures Brewing now planned to open in February. Michael Johnson/Pioneer Journal5 / 6
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The small town of Wadena welcomes a business typically only found in densely populated regions like the Twin Cities. Drastic Measures Brewing is coming closer to completion with a planned February grand opening.

For several months, owner Brett Doebbeling, has been hard at work organizing the construction and renovation process. Transforming a hardware store into a cool, modern brewery complete with a taproom and canning equipment is no simple task. Doebbeling has spent the initial winter months doing installation, cleaning, and in general, bringing together all aspects of operating a brewing facility. Recently the basement area was cleaned and set-up for brewing. Tanks that were being stored in an offsite storage facility finally found their way into the century old building. Images of the metallic tanks garnered much enthusiasm when they were posted to Drastic Measures Brewing Facebook page.

A great deal of work needs to be completed before the doors open. According to Doebbeling, electrical and plumbing work need to be finished, then a final inspection by the state needs to be conducted. Once the inspection is passed, his first batch will require two to three weeks of brewing, then two to three weeks of preliminary preparation for a grand opening. Doebbeling is aiming for the third or fourth weekend of February for his opening.

"The hardest part of business is the little things." said Doebbeling about his new brewing enterprise.

Doebbeling is the former Head Brewer at Disgruntled Brewing in Perham. He brings with him a wealth of brewing knowledge and a true passion for the art of producing fine alcoholic beverages. Eight years ago, Doebbeling started as a hobbyist brewer when his mother bought him a Mr. Beer brewing kit. He fell in love with making his own beer and desired to fill a gap in the industry within Minnesota. Breweries are usually only found in large cities and from Wadena to Fargo, very few organizations exist that produce their own unique brand of beer. Doebbeling wants to bring beer, recreation, and culture to the Wadena area. So far, an estimated $1 million has been invested into Drastic Measures Brewing.

Doebbeling has a lot of love for Wadena, and wants to do what he loves close to home. Doebbeling lives only six blocks from the brewery. His favorite part of owning his own business is simply being his own boss. He works for himself in a fun environment where he can share the spoils of his labor with the community.

The brewing process is a long precise string of events that need to executed in a very specific way. Doebbeling spoke with excitement in his voice about brewing, the basis of his business. Brewing his first batch will take close to a month. The first step involves using quality raw ingredients. Second step is brewing the unfermented beer which is boiled and pasteurized. Hops are added and the brew is cooled. Next, it is fermented and conditioned, during this step the beer gets its signature carbonation before being brought to the tap room. 300 gallons of product will be produced in every batch.

High quality beer is the ultimate goal of Drastic Measures Brewery. Doebbeling has big plans for the business and how it can serve its customers. Right now the brewery is planning to serve its beer in a taproom setting. Pints, half pints, and growlers will give patrons a bevy of options for how they would like to enjoy their beverage. Offering smaller sizes allows customers to try a certain kind of beer without commiting to a full glass.

The brewery will be producing a large quantity of beer, so much that Doebbeling has expanded into the wholesale market. Once operation is in full swing, his beer will be stocked in liquor stores. 12 oz and 16 oz cans along with kegs will be sold wholesale from a variety of locations. Merchandise such as T-shirts and glassware will also accompany the canned drinks.

Doebbeling plans to collaborate with area businesses in order to bring food to the brewery so people can enjoy a cold brew and maybe a slice of pizza or wings. In the future, he hopes to add his own kitchen to the brewery.

Drastic Measures Brewing has many Wadena residents thirsty. For more information on the brewery and regular updates on its status, visit Drastic Measures Brewery Facebook page.