Fine canine living at Master Creek Lodge


A love of dogs helped foster a new business near Deer Creek catering to those who need a good place to kennel their canines.

Heather Dunker has worked closely with dogs for many years including working at Paws and Prairie Animal Clinic in Wadena as well as running a dog boarding facility in years past. When a property came available near Deer Creek with a large shop, Heather saw a great place to get back into dog boarding. Master Creek Lodge was soon born.

The business opened in July, west of Deer Creek at the edge of Rock Creek at 53602 Hwy 50. The building includes 15 runs. Each dog can have their own kennel area or there is also larger dog family areas for dogs that can't be apart.

Each kennel includes an elevated dog bed and feeding stations, all set on rubber mats and surrounded in diamond plating that gives the place a sharp look and feel. It's heated and cooled, too. And since safety is the No. 1 priority, they'll be installing cameras to help keep an eye on the dogs, too.

"I wanted a place where I would want my dogs," Dunker said looking at the place that she and husband Joshua created.

The facility is open to house dogs with current vaccinations. Dunker makes it clear that she welcomes dogs to the facility, but if they are not happy there or not a good fit with the other dogs, it may not be the right place for them. She wants the dogs to be happy when staying there.

To keep them happy, the dogs have a run of the yard for much of the day, with walks each day. For breaks, they'll go inside the kennel area to rest.

"It's kind of like daycare," Dunker said of her business.

Dogs also have access to two outdoor fenced areas fit with tractor tires—because, for whatever reason, dogs like to utilize tires.

This is the busy time of year as people tend to take weekend trips without all the pets. Dunker is happy to add to her family of dogs.

"I just have such a passion for the dogs," Dunker said. "Just every aspect."

She's thankful for the opportunity to be surrounded in dogs and that thankfulness brought out the idea for the name of the business, Master Creek Lodge.

"We're thankful for everything we have," Dunker said. Naming the business after the Master, that gave them what they have just seemed natural to the family, which includes sons Taylor and Cole.

Give Dunker a call at 218-639-3529 for more information.